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The attorneys at Conley & Wirick, P.A. make a point of acting aggressively on your behalf to obtain the best possible result for you and your family. Strategically located in Bath, Maine, we proudly take on family matters for clients in courts located across the MidCoast (West Bath, Wiscasset, Rockland) as well as in  Portland, Lewiston, and Augusta.


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"Family Law" is a term that ultimately covers a myriad of issues, each with their own levels of complexity depending on your personal situation. The three major categories of family law cases are: Divorce, Parental Rights and Responsibilities, and Post-Judgment Motions.  Complaints for Protection from Abuse (domestic violence) is somewhat of a hybrid category and can be considered a type of family matter as well, but they do not necessarily overlap.


The most familiar of the categories listed above is undoubtedly divorce. Given the high rate of marriages that end in America through divorce, it is an exceedingly common issue that most people are familiar with. It almost goes without saying that Divorces have the potential to be highly contested and emotionally draining legal battles, especially when children are involved. Aside from child-related issues Divorces typically involve what is called the "equitable division of property," but have the potential to include litigation related to the calculation of spousal support or even protection from abuse (domestic violence) complaints. 

Parental Rights & Responsibilities

Not many people are familiar with this term, but as you probably guessed, it involves a wide array of issues that relate to two people raising a child together while living separately (generally speaking). Parental Rights (PR&R) cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. PR&R issues can either be litigated as part of a divorce case or, in the case of unmarried parents, be filed completely separate of a divorce. Important PR&R issues include the residence (physical custody) of the minor child or children involved, child-support, and parental decision-making powers.

Post-Judgment Motions

A post-judgment motion is just as it sounds: a motion that is filed after a case is "closed" that re-starts litigation over one or several issues relevant to a family matter. The three main vehicles for reopening a family case after a final judgment has been entered are motions to modify, motions to enforce, and motions for contempt. Each of these motions are designed to deal with problems or issues that have the potential to arise even after everyone would like to think the case is over. Litigation resulting from any of these motions has the potential to be as long, as complicated, and as costly as the original case (or even worse).


Experience Counts

While there are several major categories that we can fit "family law" cases into based on their general shared characteristics, it is crucial to keep in mind before your embark on this journey that there is only one incontrovertible truth that all family matters have in common. Without exception, no two family cases are alike. The myriad of problems in each individual case are as varied and unique as the families themselves. Accordingly, the solutions and resolutions to family cases are just as variable. This, more than anything else, is why experience counts

Attorney Wenonah Wirick has aggressively litigated family matters all over Maine for 20 years and is one of the preeminent family attorneys in the state. 

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