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Should I Hire a Lawyer?


This is one of those rare times when the answer is actually pretty simple. Yes, you should hire a lawyer. Now I realize that may sound self-serving, but if you want to make the most of a personal injury claim, competent representation is really a must-have. 

Why can't you deal with the insurance companies yourself you may ask? Well naturally you can, but I can all but guarantee you that you will be cheated if you try to tackle an insurance company on your own.

Insurance companies have tons of resources and teams of people whose only job is to make sure they pay you as little money as possible. They do not want to pay for your medical records and they do not care what the law is or who is at fault as long as they can convince you to take less money than you are entitled to. 

You may even think to yourself that if you have a slam-dunk, rock solid, self-explanatory case that any monkey could win at trial, that they will simply face facts and treat you fairly. The truth is exactly the opposite. It is in exactly those moments when they try to take advantage of you the most!

Insurance monies make profits by collecting premiums for a service they hope they never have to provide. That service is paying out on claims. They will do everything in their power to cheat you out of what you are entitled to.  Heck, we are a law-firm that handles personal injury cases on a regular basis and they try to pull the wool over our eyes. Can you imagine what they are going to pull on you? 

Bottom line, you cannot trust the insurance companies. They aim to help themselves, the big guys, while we aim to help you, the little guys. And because we work on a contingency for personal injury cases, you don't pay out of your own pockets and we don't get a penny unless you get paid.

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